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Juno Newbies are Great!

OK, there are lots of spammers, clueless newbies, and  wannabes there.
There are some cool things about Juno
- it's free.  Anybody can get on it.  Easily.  Anonymously, more or less,
        since they don't need to have your whole credit history
        to be able to charge you money.  At most you need a maildrop.
- it's free.  Anybody can get on it.  Without a government.
        Without a bureaucracy from Washington who are Here To Help Us
        Provide Universal Access to the Nationalist Infotainment 
        Infrastructure.   Without telling us how to run _our_ systems.
- it's free.  Anybody can get on it.  Anybody can try to compete.
        There aren't any subsidies, so there aren't any rules,
        except the usual "make sure you've got positive cash flow soon"
        and "reputation capital can sell lots of stock."
- it's free.  Nobody has to be on it.  If you don't like the management,
        you can bail, with minimal investments, and go find better.
- it's free.  Nobody has to be on it, unlike a government-run NII
        that you need to pay your taxes, do your banking, register cars,
        keep your draft card up to date and your papers in order,
        and can get thrown off if they suspend your Internet Driver's
        License for six months.
- it's free.  _I_ don't have to pay for it if I don't want it.
- it's free.  Any newbie, spammer, or 3133T D00D can get on it,
        act as stupid as they want, and it's ok, because the public
        knows (or will soon enough) that clueless people live there
        and not to take any email from juno.com too seriously -
        it's not like mail from whitehouse.gov or kremvax.su or cnn.com
        that you know you'd better read and believe every word of.
        It's as accurate as the National Enquirer, it's the
        Net Of A Million Lies, and like Television, nothing to panic over.

So, like, relax, chill out, and get procmail or BozoWatch or some other 
filter, and you not only can get rid of most of the junobots,
you can use it to get rid of lots of other spam, and use that
new Distributed Reputation Service Platform that [email protected]
is developing to find the interesting 100 messages per day of the
1000 you receive.

#			Thanks;  Bill
# Bill Stewart, +1-415-442-2215 [email protected]
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# You can get PGP software outside the US at ftp.ox.ac.uk/pub/crypto