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Re: SPL -- Suspicious Persons List

Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> Hallam-Baker writes:
> > Pity you guys missed out on the idea of trades unions and think that
> > employment is some kind of serfdom in which you loose all your
> > rights the day you sign up. If you hadn't sold your government to
> > the cooprorations a while back you might have got out of the middle
> > ages.
> Yes, we could be a workers paradise like one of those lovely European
> countries with double digit unemployment and all. Too bad we didn't go
> in for democratic socialism while we could have, eh?

Perry, hate to burst your bubble but unemployment in the UK _trippled_
in the first eighteen months of rule by that great socialist Margret
Thatcher. One third of UK manufaturing industry went bankrupt in the
only large scale application of Freedman's ideas.

The UK only began to recover after the monetarist policies were
consigned to the dustbin. Unemployment remained high despite a sustained
attack on workers rights. 

The scenario you described is an unjust one but it would be equally
unjust if the company was bought out and the new owner decided to sack
all black people and people called "Perry". You were the one who brought
up the issue of fairness.