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Re: "Remailers can't afford to be choosy"

From:	IN%"[email protected]"  "Jean-Francois Avon" 14-SEP-1996 03:33:52.00
To:	IN%"[email protected]"
Subj:	RE: "Remailers can't afford to be choosy"

>If, just for the sake of example, you were truly believing in 
>unregulated capitalism, with all the arguments in the world, and , 
>say for the sake of the example, again, a True Communist (tm) was 
>mailing through your remailer, advocating that they seize your 
>property for the benefit of some unknown, but all deserving stranger. 
>Would any censorship be illegitimate?  In other words, should you 
>work to further the work of the ones who whishes, but their avowed 
>goals, to bring you harm?

	Actually, I already may have helped a radical left organization -
namely Radikal - by putting some mirror sites on a lot of search engines.
Quite simply, capitalism works - and it will win out in an unfettered contest.
It's communism and other varieties of authoritarianism that need the
fetters to win. (In the ultimate extreme, I include gun control under the
fetters that communism/etcetera need to win... the "redistribution" from
producers ("rich") to welfare drones ("poor") during the Rodney King riots
would have been nicely prevented by some shopkeepers with automatic weapons.