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Re: HipCrime as MetaSPAM

At 02:10 AM 9/15/96 -0700, Bill Stewart wrote:

>Just a Hippie Of Crime, not a Hippie Of Clue.

Indeed. He's also collecting user data for spams or trojan horse attacks in
the future; a disassembly of his VisitorID.class and StealStuff.class files
reveals that he's collecting (via Java) data about a user's IP address,
email address, operating system, machine class (e.g., processor type), and
collecting some filesystem info; the filesystem info collector seems to be
prepared to cope with Macs, Windows boxes, and Unix systems. The user data
is sent back both as an E-mail message and via HTTP to his home system. As
far as I can tell, Netscape 3.0 on Win95 won't let it get any file system
info but will let it detect IP addr, processor, and OS.

He's also got at least one mostly harmless but annoying JavaScript trick
where he opens far too many copies of Netscape; I clobbered it after 9 or 10
windows had opened. (the windows claim to be "formatting your hard disk".)

As far as I can tell, he thinks that because some artists have a cynical,
grouchy attitude, anything he does while affecting such an attitude is art.
What he's lost track of is that some artists are also assholes, and some
people are simply juvenile assholes (no art). 
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