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(fwd)Atlanta NRC Cryptography Briefing

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>Subject: [EFG] BoS: c4i-pro Atlanta NRC Cryptography Briefing
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>  I am hosting a presentation by Dr. Herb Lin of the prestigious National
>Research Council (National Academy of Science).  He is the director of
>their recent study on Cryptography.
>  Cryptography is the key technology that underlies anything being done to
>secure the internet or to make electronic commerce a reality.  Policies
>controlling the use of modern cryptographic technologies will determine the
>future feasability of the internet for business both in the near and far
>  National cryptography policies also significantly impact on the
>capabilities of the intelligence and law enforcement communities.
>  Feel free to forward the following notice to anyone you think would be
>interested in attending.
>  Thank you.
>                             Myron Cramer
>                           Presentation
>                         October 21, 1996
>       "Cryptography's Role in Securing the Information Society"
>                           Dr. Herb Lin
>                    National Research Council
>Cryptography, the work of creating and deciphering coded information using
>mathematical formulas, long has been the sphere of spies and the military.
>But in the past 10 years private-sector use of cryptography has exploded as
>a result of advances in electronic communications and information
>technologies.  Decisions about national cryptography policy now have
>important implications not only for national security, but also for U.S.
>economic competitiveness, law enforcement interests, and the protection of
>the privacy and other rights of individuals.  The Computer Science and
>Telecommunications Board of the National Research Council recently
>completed a congressionally mandated study to examine the issues and
>conflicting interests involved in cryptography and made recommendations on
>national policy in this highly controverial area.
>There will be a public briefing in Atlanta, Georgia by the National
>Research Council on this report.  The briefing will be held at the
>Manufacturing Research Center on the campus of the Georgia Institute of
>Technology on Monday October 21, from 1:30 to 3:30.   Dr. Herbert Lin,
>director of the NRC study will conduct the briefing.  Questions from the
>audience will be entertained.
>For further information, please contact Dr. Myron L. Cramer (404) 894-7292,
><[email protected]> at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.
>The event is open to the press and the public.
>Directions: From I-75/85 exit on Tenth Street and head West.  Turn left on
>Hemphill Street and follow it to where it ends on Ferst Street.  The
>Manufacturing Research Center is the modern building in front of you.
>Parking is limited; use public transportation or allow yourself extra time.
>This meeting is hosted by the Georgia Tech Research Institute and the
>College of Computing.
>Dr. Myron L. Cramer, Principal Research Scientist
>Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)     | Voice: (404) 894-7292
>400 10th St, Room 554B                     | FAX :  (404) 894-8636
>Atlanta, Georgia  30332-0840               | [email protected]