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Re: Informal Renegotiation of the Law

On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, Duncan Frissell wrote:
> Many people on this list and in the larger world focus on laws and
> regulations and sometimes act as if that is the only way that the relative
> rights and duties of governments and civilians are established.  In fact,
> there is a lot of informal negotiation going on all the time.  This is
> significant because an unenforced law isn't a law at all.

     Does does the phrase "Selective Enforcement" mean anything? 

> For example, you will not read anywhere that compulsory education laws have
> been repealed -- but they have.  When the home schooling movement started in
> the late 1970s, there were occasional harassment and prosecution of parents.
> The home schoolers won some and lost some.  As time went on, the authorities
> came to accept home schoolers so that at this point, legal problems are
> rare.  Compulsory education has been effectively repealed by the actions of
> refusenicks in both the subject population and the enforcement population.  

     Their children are still getting educated. Not thoroughly enough in 
some cases, but educated in the basics. 

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