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Re: Exactly the point Lance... [Fwd: HipCrime and Art]

On Sat, 14 Sep 1996 13:08:22 -0600, Admin <[email protected]> wrote:

   Exactly the point, bingo!  The point is this, exactly what do YOU define as
   *fucking shit* so that anyone who visits your page will know exactly what
   they can and can't say to Lance Cottrell. We've determined that you don't
   want to receive the HipCrime URL from your mailto: button. What about the
   next visitor who comes across your page, how will they know exactly what you
   do or do not find interesting? Will you put a lengthy *what I expect from
   all correspondents who use my mailto: button* explanation on the page?

   Perhaps a simple, *don't mail me unless I already know you and want to hear
   what you have to say...* tag?

I think it's fairly obvious that any mailto tag on Lance's *Mixmaster
page* is for comments and suggestions concerning Mixmaster, or the
page itself.  URLs about fractal art, who killed JFK, and your
favourite episode of The X Files could then be expected to be
considered *fucking shit*.

As you seem to feel that being accessible by email is licence for
anyone to send you anything they want unless they have specific
knowledge that you don't want to receive it, and given that I have no
knowledge about what you don't want to receive, I'm going to set up a
spider to trawl the web and mail you every single URL it encounters,
in the certain knowledge that you consider this legitimate use of your
address :-)

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