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Re: Nonsense, absolute nonsense... [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]

On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, HipCrime wrote:

> > I'd view "comment" as expressing an opinion. If I put an "email to:" 
> > tag on a web site, I'm inviting "comment" on the information I've 
> > placed in public view 
> A message sent to a MAILTO button on a WebPage, which contains the URL 
> of another WebPage is EXACTLY on-topic.  It's my belief that any active 
> "webmistress" would be interested in what other sites have to offer.

     Then register with the Search Engines and Indexers. That is where 
people go when they are looking for information. Don't go putting 
shit in my mail box. Very few people who are looking for information (other
that "web sufers" will automatically fire up netscape and take a look at 
any URL that wanders down the road. If you put up a site that is for the 
web potato crowd, then I doubt you have anything I want to look at. 

     Of course from what you spout, I seriously doubt that you have anything
I want to read anyway.  

Petro, Christopher C.
[email protected] <prefered for any non-list stuff>
[email protected]