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Re: IBM_gak

>   9-13-96. BuWi:
>   "Revolutionary Intranet security product to be
>   demonstrated at Interop DotCom "
>      DSN's NetFortress fully automates hardware-based
>      authentication, encryption and key exchange into a
>      plug and play solution. It completely eliminates the
>      possibility of IP spoofing, eavesdropping and
>      break-ins. "After installing it, I couldn't even tell
>      which service a given packet was from - everything but
>      the packet header itself was rendered undecipherable
>      as it traversed the Internet." DSN Technology was
>      founded by Dr. Aharon Friedman and Andy Savas.

Thanks, John, for forwarding. I spoke with the DSN folks today. They
developed NetFortress in the U.S. and have recently found a substantial
overseas market for it. "That's definitely a problem for us. We're actively
lobbying senators to pass procode, to get it out of committee." Since of
course multinationals would be unwilling to use DSN stuff under current
export-control regime.