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Re: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.

In article <[email protected]>,
Lucky Green  <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Sep 1996, Dale Thorn wrote:
> > Just a comment: "The world population really should go back to around 
> > one billion", etc. And how could we achieve that without severe govt. 
> > oppression, one wonders?
> Quite simple. End all food and medical aid to developing countries paid 
> for with money stolen at gunpoint from our citizens. Or make Norplant 
> implants the condition for financial/in kind aid. Both US and 
> abroad.

Why stop there?

Make biometric ID implants the condition for welfare and financial aid, so
we can track them in case they spend it on (gasp!) donations to the Libertarian

Government scholarships for education and research?  Better wiretap their
phones & emails, in case the recipients use the scholarships to work on strong
non-GAKed cryptography.

Hell, folks are also taking advantage of government money every time they
step foot on a park or government road: might as well require citizen-units
to escrow their identity and confiscate their guns as a condition of usage.

``Buckle your thought-escrow-unit, it's the law!''