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Flamewars and events of the outside world

Is there anybody who saw a correlation with the occurences of 
flamewars or nut-cases on the list with important things that 
happened in the outside world that could benefit from having the 
CPunks looking the other way?

Like this one with "Anonymous" going on.  And a few others lately.  
Some clueless or semi-outsiders seems to drop in the group and sling 
mud to detract every active participants from the other topics 
discussed (usually, more to the point with CP).  

I am not ranting about the answering, I'm simply puzzled by the 
phenomenon.  Just like, as a rule here in Canada, every time the 
country is really going down and that everybody start getting fed-up 
of the govt, suddenly the debate on death penalty or abortion or 
racial equality or salary inequality among sexes just pops-up.  Every 
times, it looks it happened purely as an happenstance but every time, 
there was something very fishy going on at another level.


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