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Assassination Politics, was Kiddie porn on the Internet

>>Yet another obligatory AP (Assassination Politics) reference:  If a person
>>is really interested in helping out "starving children" he may be able to do
>>far more good by purchasing the death of the local tyrant(s), rather than
>>(just) buying more food.
>The problem is that assasination rarely leads to the installation of
>a government that is any better. In most cases it gets worse.
>In the past the US excuse for supporting bloodthirsty murderers like
>Pinochet, Saddam, Marcos and Noriega was that the alternative was
>In cases like Eritrea or Ethiopia the average term of office of any
>given despot tends to be rather short in any case. In most cases its
>a case of there being little to choose between the leaders of the
>various factions and that ending the war on any terms is better
>than allowing it to continue.

We've all heard these arguments, but are they true?  Who says so, and how
can they be certain? Jim's suggestion has never, to my knowledge, been
tried on a consistant, large, scale.  When all conventional alternatives
have been tried and fail, what have we or the starving children got to

I'm sure there are qualified mercinaries available at the right price to
put together wetwork operations, just look in soldier of fortune.

I once had a hand in establishing a non-profit.  Perhaps we can name it
SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and
Extortion) after Ian Flemming.

Is it legal for citizens of the U.S. to engage in contract killing of
foreign military, politations, etc?  How about U.S. or foreign non-profits?

In a related matter, I used to be an avid RC modeler.  By marrying a
single-board computers, DGPS (Differential GPS) and Giant Scale Remote
Control technologies it now appears straightforward to produce inexpensive
consumer cruise missiles capable of accurate (<10 meter radius) delivery of
10 kg. explosive, gas or biological payloads over several hundred km. for
less than $10,000 each.  Both reciprocating and miniature jet engines are
available. Might make cheaper alternative to mercinaries.

-- Steve

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