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Re: 56 kbps modems

     That I realize that baud and bit/sec are not the same, but I feel you would
 have a hard time getting a 56k modem to work on a line that does not 
support 28.8k fully, let alone 33.6k. A leased line (copper pair) 
from telstra only supports 9.6k and costs close to ISDN.
     When the telco reinstalls the literal tons of copper cable that 
we have lying underground for at least 20 years in some instances 
that connects the exchanges, and replaces this with optic fibre 
preferably,  or at least higher bandwidth co-ax, we will not have 28k 
     In the states you have better lines and ISDN is far less 
expensive. For two B channels perminantly connected I have to pay 
about $2500/month in this country. Not many home users can pay this, 
thus they have to still use modems. With the lack of bandwidth to and 
from the exchanges, there is not a chance in hell a 56k modem will 
work in this country for many years.
(Australia - the lucky country...not in regards to bandwidth)

> As I am sure has been discussed at length before, baud does not equal
> bps.  AFAIK, V32bis is only 2400baud.

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