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RE: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.

[email protected] wrote:

>> By spreading the risk you minimize the cost.


>Canada has a single payer system

Translation: a more palatable term for "socialised medicine"

>and we spend about two thirds as much as the
>U.S. on health care as a percentage of G.N.P. We manage to insure all Canadians
>while about 35% of people in the U.S. have *no* health insurance.

So why in the world do those crazy Canadians keep coming here for medical care, when they can get it from your compassionate bureaucrats? What could be their compulsion to spend money they don't need to spend? Charitable impulses toward our impoverished medical profession?

BTW, looking at historical costs of medical care and the level of government involvement, it is safe to say that the US has too much socialism in our medical system right now, and that it what's making the best system (ours) so expensive when it would not be otherwise.

>Yes, the insurance premium is not optional.


>Yes, it *is* cheaper.

*False.* It is cheaper for _SOME_, and more expensive for others (in terms of either money, or waiting with pain, or both) and has an _ultimately high cost [the death penalty] for still others, who are forced to wait for the "compassionate" bureaucrats [who naturally know more about what patients' bodies need than the patients do themselves] to give them permission to get medical care they would otherwise purchase before death.