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Re: Fear of Flying -- from HotWired

On Thu, 12 Sep 1996 12:03:18 -0700, Bill Frantz wrote:

>>... former CIA director James Woolsey: responded with some seemingly 
>>   gratuitous anti-Net
>>   rhetoric. Terrorists may use biological weapons like anthrax, he said.
>>   "Anthrax is colorless, odorless, and has a 90 percent lethality. One
>>   gram has 100 million lethal doses." Then Woolsey delivered the zinger:
>>   "The knowledge of how to make anthrax is widely available, including
>>   on the Internet."

>Gee, biotech has come a long way.  Now I can download the Anthrax DNA
>sequence from the net and insert it in some carrier bacteria and start
>making Anthrax bacteria.  Neat!

Now the bad news:  the DNA replicator only works under Windows 95 and comes
with buggy drivers!

>Or did he mean I can chemically synthesize Anthrax toxin?  Or did he mean I
>can get information on culturing bacteria on the net, but must obtain a
>sample of the bacteria from other sources?
I guess we need to ban all those "science" pages; after all, why would any
non-terrorist want to learn about bacteria? 
>BTW - My dictionary says that Anthrax is primarily an animal disease which
>only occasionally infects humans.  It sounds like a poor choice for bio-war

Unfortunately, it can be very deadly.  The idea here is that it rarely infects
humans - in the normal course of events.  If a determined biowarrior is trying
to infect people, all bets are off.

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