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Re: Fed appellate judge remarks re anonymity, free speech on the net

On Fri, 13 Sep 1996 07:47:27 -0700 (PDT), Z.B. wrote:

>> At 09:24 PM 9/12/96 -0700, [email protected] wrote:
>> >> (Also in today's news, the 9th Circuit upheld a CA statute forbidding sales
>> >> of material considered "harmful to minors" from vending machines.) 
>> >
>> >Even if this statute is meant only to apply to cigarette machines, which 
>> >would seem to be the case given all of the anti-cig stuff going on now,
>> >what good will it do?
>> Whoops. Sorry. Wrong context. What I should have said was "the 9th Circuit
>> upheld a CA statute forbidding sales of *printed* material considered
>> 'harmful to minors' from unsupervised vending machines". The publication(s)

>It's still mostly the same thing.  I've never seen the type of machine 
>that you're talking about, and I don't think anyone would be dumb enough 
>to install one in a store that is near a school, or frequented my 
>minors.  This law just does not seem like a very good idea.

Where did you live?  I used to walk home from school (in Ventura, CA - about 1
hour away from LA) and see a vending machine selling copies of "LA X-Press" (Or
something like that) right next to the vending machines for the Star-Free Press
and the LA Times.  This was on the curb by a busy shopping center, on the block
opposite of the County of Ventura's government center. Hypothetically, it was
even plausibly deniable (the watchword of the Clintons) - "I was just buying
this copy of the newspaper." And before someone asks, no, I wasn't buying them.

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