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Re: 56 kbps modems

On Sun, 15 Sep 1996 01:31:19 -0700, Bill Stewart wrote:

>and still get the original 56kbps back out.  But if they can, well,
>yee-hah, ISDN is nearly dead :-)  (Not totally dead; the signalling is
>still useful for some applications, the convenience of two channels on
>one wire pair is nice, and the fact that people can get 56kbps without
Also, can't you add ISDN b-channels ? (I.e. get another 64kps channel)
>the phone company's help will pressure them into offering ISDN for
>a lower price in areas where the Phone Company's idea of "all the market 
>will bear" is substantially higher than voice pricing.)

ISDN is more elegant; this sounds like a 'kludge' of sorts. OTOH, we've all
seen how well a cheap kludge can do, right?

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