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Re: "But if it saves just one child."

At 1:52 AM 9/18/96, "" <[email protected]> wrote:
>On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, attila wrote:
>> = .The rallying cry heard so often these days: "But if it saves just one
>> = .
>Read some Ayn Rand.
>This must end.
>IOW:  I call bullshit.  I call total bullshit.
>The net, fomerly my oasis, needs death.


First, Attila was quoting my comment. Second, this was sarcasm.

(Or, variously, facetiousness, tongue-in-cheek, and other varieties of irony.)

You really need to learn when someone is _supporting_ your point of view
through such uses of irony, rather than going ballistic, Just a Modest
Proposal, as it were, he said Swiftly.

--Tim May

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