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A Bizarre Increase in the Ad Hominems Here

Must be the Ides of September, but there are several bizarre new attacks
lately on this list, none of them to the point, just odd ad hominems:

* Detweiler ([email protected]) writes:

"timmy waxes a widdle on AP"

* Millie ([email protected]) writes:

"Timmy boy,
I yelled at someone for this last week.
And you supported my view.

Never read Ayn Rand, eh?"

(Sadly, a large fraction of the women who have posted on our list have
written in this same kind of incoherent, rambling, makes-no-sense kind of
style. I have no idea why the percentage of such events is so high.)

* And of course Vulis has been posting his "farting" messages far and wide.

Those who legitimately disagree with my arguments should of course continue
to speak up. But those who confuse calling me "Timmy" with making
substantive arguments need to go back to school.

We got computers, we're tapping phone lines, I know that that ain't allowed.
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