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WARNING: Major Net-Abuse

I don't know the full details about this, so I'll try to give as good an 
explanation as I can.  Since sometime yesterday, someone has been posting 
huge binaries all over Usenet, usually to at least 20 groups at a time.  
The files are usually several thousand parts big at the least, and are 
posted to either groups in which people are likely to respond with 
emailbombs, or test groups that send you a reply if the message appears 
on them.  What some $#&[email protected] are doing is changing the Reply-To 
headers to the addresses of people who they dislike or want to harass.  
See where I'm going now?  10000 posts to a test group with your address 
on it = 10000 emails in your inbox.

I posted this because there are some people on both of these lists who 
might be the target of one of these spams, and you might want to get your 
killfiles ready, just in case.  

Thanks for your time, and sorry if I annoyed anyone with the off-topic 


Zach Babayco

[email protected]  <----- finger for PGP public key