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Interactive Edition free access ends this week

Dear Subscriber:
This Friday is the last day of your free trial subscription to The Wall
Street Journal Interactive Edition.

We hope you've enjoyed this extensive free period and that you will--if you
haven't already--join us as a charter annual subscriber.

You don't need to re-register. Just fill out a brief online form and provide
us with payment information. An annual subscription costs just $49 a year or
$29 a year if you subscribe to any print edition of The Wall Street Journal.

To convert to an annual subscription, just access http://wsj.com and click
on the "Convert Now" graphic. If you do not wish to convert to an annual
subscription, you do not need to do anything -- you will not be billed and
your subscription will be canceled automatically at the end of the trial.

You may also be interested in a special offer available to users of
Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Microsoft has made arrangements with several
premier publishers on the Web, including the Interactive Edition, to offer
subscriptions to Internet Explorer users at no charge through the end of
this year. If you use Internet
Explorer as your Web browser, you will be able to keep reading the
Interactive Edition through Dec.  31, 1996, and there is no need for you to
provide us with payment information at this time. For more information on
this offer, you can visit http://wsj.com/ie.html or ask us questions at the
e-mail address below.

If you have questions or comments, e-mail us at the address below or call
Customer Service at 1-800-369-2834 or 1-609-514-0870.

Neil Budde
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
[email protected]

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