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Re: SSN database scam?

At 01:22 PM 9/18/96 +0200, Gary Howland <[email protected]> forwarded:
>Forwarded from www-security mailing list.

>Can anybody comment on the item forwarded below my sig file? It claims
>there's a database w/ people's credit card no's etc on it and you have to
>give your name and social security number to get off of it.  This strikes
>me as being a scam to get your ssn, but this went around at work and
>people are actually calling and giving it out.  I know ssn's aren't really
>as secure as they're supposed to be, but  still...

I happen to work for Lexis-Nexis, but I don't speak for the company.  Yes,
P-Trak is real, it was recently made available to our customers.

It is NOT a scam to get SSNs.  Lexis-Nexis is a large and reputable company,
best-known for its huge legal database system, Lexis.  The Nexis side has
news reports from a large variety of sources.

P-Trak originally made SSNs available, but Lexis-Nexis removed this feature
in response to protests.