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Re: A Bizarre Increase in the Ad Hominems Here

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
> [email protected] (Timmy May) (fart) writes:
> * Detweiler ([email protected]) writes:
> Detweiler is much smarter than VZNuri (or Timmy). I don't think Timmy
> believes his own lies.

> .....random slurs deleted.....

> Recently, 3 people in the computer security field have independently
> told me that Timmy May approached them "off-list" to complain about
> things I supposedly say on the Internet - most of which I never said.
> When I asked about it on this mailing list, Timmy posted what was
> shown to be a lie (about his complaint to Kelly Goen.) Timmy is known 
> as a nutcase and a liar - if he keeps up his "character assassination"
> attacks, the only reputation he hurts is his own.

Pardon me for butting in, but "nutcase and liar" are some pretty 
significant slurs, moreso than "putz" or "bozo" or whatever. I'd say 
there's gotta be a helluva story here. Background, anyone?