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Rabit Wombat wrote:
>Don't get me wrong - I'm not disagreeing with you about how grim your
>points are. I just wanted to point out that information "could" be
>released to researchers without identifying the patient - researchers are
>generally interested in statistical data, such as the incidence of cancer
>per zip code, etc., which doesn't require your name to be released. Zip
>codes are sufficiently populated that this probably is of no danger to
Zip code 92067-1234 is my mother's mailing address.
OK, it's not -1234, but there is a 9 digit zip code that is sufficient
to get mail to my mother, and my mother alone.

P.S. This is less than 5 miles outside the city
limits of San Diego; hardly a "low population density" area.

-- Marshall

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