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Re: Spam blacklist project

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 [email protected] wrote:

> Hi,
> 	The following idea just hit me. How about a server which
> maintained a list of people who don't want to recive SPAM? The idea
> being that email recpients who don't want SPAM send their email
> address to the list. A SPAMer who want to check an email to see
> if it is on the list could then obtain the SHA-Digested list of
> addresses and remove them from their internal databases.
Such a beast already exists:

A simple search for 'spam' on www.yahoo.com reveals:

The Internet Spam Control Centre : http://drsvcs.com/nospam/

> 	Of course I don't for a moment imagine that this will
> be 100% effective. Without government regulation there will
> always be slimeballs who send mail to people who don't want it.
I think the internet will be better off without any government 
regulation. Governments tend to make a mess of everything they regulate.


Alex Le Heux

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