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   9-19-96. NYP: 
   "New Method of Internet Sabotage Is Spreading." Markoff. 
      Sabotage reported by Panix is spreading and has now 
      occurred at least a dozen other World Wide Web sites 
      around the nation. Officials concede that there is no 
      easy defense against the attack. One said. "I think this 
      is sick, but I guess that is what these guys do." 
   "Regulators Turn Spotlight on Cybermoney." 
      As concerns grow about electronic money laundering, 
      cybercounterfeiting and bank runs on the Internet, 
      regulators around the world are scurrying to catch up 
      with the rapid development of electronic money. The US 
      plans to announce today two initiatives intended to 
      grapple with the new technology, and in another move,  
      G-7 will examine the international cooperation needed as 
      money moves through the borderless world of the 
   http://jya.com/sabtag.txt  (14 kb for 2) 
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