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re: Stego inside encryption

On 19 Sep 1996, Mullen Patrick wrote:

> To take this one step further, has anyone tried to ever use this method as
> an encryption method?  You could hide data in a stream of random bits, using
> position as the encryption method.  Obviously, the data would not be stored
> in packets; rather as single bits strewn throughout the stream.  Even ASCII
> characters could be hidden in such a system very well, as the possibility of
> choosing the correct 8 bits (extended char set) from the data stream when
> any combination has equal potential of being the correct sequence would be
> extremely difficult.  Error checking/correcting code could even be used.
> Using this system, the placement algorithm would be the focus of attack.  If
> an algorithm which has a sufficiently random placement was used, extracting
> the correct bits would be difficult.  Another way to increase the security
> would be to hide the correct message inside a bitstream created by using
> the same method on other similar messages.  (Hiding a real message inside
> bogus messages.  Hmm...  Which one's real?)

I've written something similar to this idea a few years ago. :)  You 
might want to check it out.  Do a net search for WNS210.ZIP at your 
nearest good crypto ftp site.  You might want to try ftp.wimsey.ca.

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