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   9-20-96. NYP Page One: 
   "Cellular Industry Rejects U.S. Plan for Surveillance. 
   Police Want Technology That Pinpoints Wireless Users Within 
   a Half-Second." Markoff. 
      The wireless communications industry voted yesterday to 
      reject Government-backed technology that would make it 
      possible for law enforcement agencies to keep closer 
      tabs on cellular phone users. DoJ wants to be able for 
      the first time to determine the location of a cellular 
      phone caller within a half-second and almost instantly 
      monitor the status of cellular-phone voice mail, 
      conference calls and other wireless communications 
      Yesterday's vote by a subcommittee of a network 
      operators and manufacturers group called the 
      Telecommunications Industry Association, came in 
      response to a technical document the F.B.I. has been 
      quietly circulating to industry executives since April. 
      Known as the Electronic Surveillance Interface, the 
      document specifies what wireless communications 
      monitoring data must be accessible to law enforcement 
      officials with a court warrant. 
   http://jya.com/reject.txt  (8 kb)