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Re: Fear of Flying -- from HotWired

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Bill Frantz wrote:

> At  2:51 PM 9/18/96 -0400, Black Unicorn wrote:

> >> >Culturing and growing anthrax is painfully simple.  No DNA required.
> >> 
> >> Sorry Unicorn, you missed my point.  (1) You need DNA to grow bacteria. 
> >> You can get the DNA two ways.  (A) You get a sample of the beast, or (B)
> >> You get a DNA sequence and then regenerate the DNA.  (I don't think B is
> >> technically feasable yet.)  (2) You can't send samples of the beast thru
> >> the net.
> >
> >I think your point was that the net was not responsible for the
> >proliferation of Anthrax development data.  (Am I wrong?)
> My point was that you need more than just information (but see below).  You
> also need some materials that may be hard to get.  Being totally ignorant
> in the anthrax growing area, I have no idea where I would get my starter
> bacteria.  (Presumably any net-info would tell me.  I haven't looked.)

Any of several cow pastures in the midwest.

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