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Re: ANYONES CREDIT CARD # per your request.

At 11:03 AM 9/20/96 EDT, Brian Hills wrote:
>Thought this would be appropriate to the list

>>Unfortunately, this message needs to be propagated to protect all of us.
>> Note: Lexis-Nexis is only accepting written or fax requests.

   You can go to their web page (http://www.lexis-nexis.com), click "Just
In" and request via email that your name be removed from their database by
filling out the form.
   Problem, of course, is that one doesn't know if one's name and info is in
the database unless one is a subscriber and can look it up.  I, personally,
do not feel comfortable in filling out a form with my personal info and
sending it along - 1) for the obvious reasons; and 2) what if I'm not even
in their nefarious database?  If not, then I've just entered my personal
info and sent it on its merry way to whomever and wherever unnecessarily -
whether by email, fax, or snail mail.
   I tried just entering my name, email address, and state but, as
anticipated, received a msg that ALL info has to be supplied, so I'll chk
with someone I know that has an account to see if my name is there.
   However, the BIGGEST problem I foresee with this database (and others
like it) is that someone eventually is going to hack it - and then watch the
fun and games ensue.

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