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Re: FCC's Hundt calls for univ service for Net, nixes iphone regs

On Fri, 20 Sep 1996, Declan McCullagh wrote:
(in quoting Reed Hundt)

>"The investment to network our schools and libraries is so small and
>the payoff so large. Look at the math... Can it be that we have a 700
>billion-dollar-a-year information technology industry and yet we can't
>afford to give every teacher the tools we give every shipping clerk at
>Wal Mart? Or that we could afford to network every classroom by the
>beginning of the next century, but somehow we just neglected to do it?
>At the FCC we will vote next year on a new universal service funding
>mechanism... The challenge I'm talking about is to provide bandwidth
>and access to all Americans, but especially in kids in classrooms...
>[Note that the 'we" paying for the shipping clerk's network is a
>private corporation spending its own money. But the second "we" is the
>government spending netizens' money. Guess the FCC can't tell the
>difference. --Declan]

Correct. And if "we" fund universal service, then "we" don't want to see
anything on the Net about non-GAK crypto, the right to bear arms, freedom of
association, chemistry, non-clothed persons, taxes, etc. etc.  "We" feel
that many if not "all American, but especially kids in classrooms" would be
injured by these thoughts.