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Re: timmy waxes a widdle on AP

At 08:11 PM 9/17/96 -0700, Vladimir Z. Nuri wrote:
> but I'm still a bit confused about those prices. what determines
> them, anyway? risk to the assassin? it seems that it ought to be
> as easy to snuff out one person as it would another. e.g. everybody
> walks alone out at night at different times, it seems.

Although government services to the rich and poor cost about 
the same, the quality is radically different.  Thus the risk
involved in killing a poor person is vastly less than the 
risk involved in killing a middle class person.

This is most noticeable in education, where black children
are kept in holding pens with leaky roofs, masquerading as 
schools, for a cost that would suffice to build classrooms 
with a hot tub in each classroom and a pentium on every desk, 
even if we burnt the classroom down with the equipment inside 
every year and and replaced it every year.

On the other hand, food, clothing, and transport, being
provided for money by the free market, tend to be roughly 
equal for rich and poor.
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