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Re: Go away CIA

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, Skeeve Stevens wrote:

> After putting up the CIA hack mirror page on http://www.skeeve.net/cia/
> I learnt a few things.


Some background, from Dagens Nyheter (biggest morning paper
in Sweden) 09/20/96, by Anna-Maria Hagerfors:

(free translation]
They call themselves Mr Big, Zaphod, Lixon, Bah and Nimh.
They are Swedish hackers presently prosecuted at the Stocholm
(low) court for, among other things, computer intrusion,
corporate espionage and fraud. Swedes associated with the
group (Swedish Hacker Association) have broken into CIA's
homepage on the Internet for protesting against the trial.
...telling the Swedish prosecutor: Stop lying, Bo Skarinder!
Those prosecuted at the Stockholm court are suspected of
computer intrusion at Telia (big Swedish telco), Holmens
Bruk (big Swedish corporation), KTH (University of Stockholm's
engineering division) and AT&T. The oldest of the prosecuted,
Mr Big, 29 yo, is believed to be the leader of the Swedish
Hacker Association. He's working as a security consultant for
a traveler check company and a dept collection service.
... Mr Big has applied for a job at SAPO (Swedish FBI) and
Forsvarets Radioanstalt (Swedish NSA).