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Private Idaho 2.8b beta release

The beta release of Private Idaho 2.8b is now available at
http://www.eskimo.com/~joelm/pi.html.  (Previous beta testers can get an
updated version of just the executable at

Private Idaho is a freeware PGP, anonymous remailer, and nym server
front-end for Windows (all versions).

Some of the new features in the latest release include:
Automatic encrypt/decrypt of PIDAHO.INI, NYMS.TXT, PUBKEYS.OUT
Automatic encrypt/decrypt of SECRING.PGP and PUBRING.PGP
nym.alias.net support
Generate key pair command
Load passphrase at startup
Submit key to MIT server command
Get key from MIT server command (must have Net connection)
Update remailer info command (must have Net connection)
Get remailer keys command (must be have Net connection)
Remailer newsgroup header command
Delete nym command
Attachment support

Bug reports, comments, and questions, as always to:

[email protected]