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Re: IBM_gak

At 09:17 AM 9/16/96 -0700, Lucky Green wrote:
>On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, John Young wrote:
>>    9-15-96. PcWe: 
>>    "IBM Boosts Encryption Initiative " 
>>       IBM security initiatives next month will include a 
>>       new way to build encryption into software and 
>>       technology that could enable U.S. companies to export 
>>       products with strong encryption algorithms. IBM also 
>>       will introduce several "key-recovery" technologies 
>>       that could enable businesses to satisfy the 
>>       requirement imposed by the U.S. government that it be 
>>       able to access encrypted data on demand.
>Aparently, Al Gore's recent phone calls to everybody who is anybody in the 
>industry have paid off. After HP, TIS, and other unnamed parties, now IBM 
>is supporting GAK. Folks, this battle is lost. Domestic GAK is coming to 
>a PKI near you.

So, the "Little Tramp" and the "Great Dictator" turn out to be one and the same...

Jim Bell
[email protected]