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Re: CIA hacked

Dimitri Vulis <[email protected]> writes:
> > [email reply protesting spam]
> You are confused. The above question was e-mailed to me by one of
> Timmy May's friends. 

What you were doing was confusing... how about attributing what people
have said to you, in the standard way?  I was unsure what was going on
until you clarified here.  Instead of including all the headers in
there with just a space between your headers and the quoted headers
(which makes it hard to follow, and makes one wonder if someone is
trying a crude forgery), use standard quoting conventions:

	Joe Blogss <[email protected]> writes in private email:
	> [quoted message body]...

or similar?

> I just forward their e-mail to this mailing list. I don't read it.

Has it occured to you that most of the email you have been receiving
(and posting here) is as a result of the said same habit, and peoples
predictable misunderstanding of what you were doing?

I would suggest that if you don't want to read what people email to
you, kill file them, or delete their email, or ask them in email not
to send you email, but don't forward it here!

> If you have any comments about Timmy May's friends not knowing
> English, trying to insult people, and posting non-crypto-relevant
> political rants, address them to Timmy May and his friends.

It would seem to me that the first insults were thrown by yourself,
and that your strange habit of bouncing all the fallout to the list is
perpetuating the problem.

Could you stop doing this?  Some of us read cpunks on pay per second
phone lines, and so on.  If you are concerned about
non-crypto-relevant politcal rants, how about generating some more
signal.  I see you are posting the items with the [NEWS] tag, and
these look relevant, and useful, I read a few of them myself.

If reporting to the list is accurate, I hear you have a PhD with a
subject related to crypto, so presumably you would have ample
knowledge to contribute technical crypto related thoughts.  I'm sure
people would be interested in anything along those lines you cared to
contribute, and your reputation would benefit,

Think about it,

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