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CNET Digital Dispatch Vol. 2 No. 38

The individual who posted the C-Net top ten missed the crypto-related parts
of that issue.  (I guess the humor section is all that people read on

Here is what he missed...

>Hook up your new system to the Net, and use it to remake
>yourself. Get a virtual nose ring. Program your avatar with
>all the attributes you wish you had. On the Internet, your
>image is up to you. What will yours be? Read Editor-in-Chief
>Christopher Barr's views on online identity:
>Maybe you're not ready to share your identity. Maybe that's
>the furthest thing from your mind. If you've got secrets to
>keep, you need to know about Pretty Good Privacy, the de
>facto encryption standard for email. Our tutorial will tell
>you how to get PGP software and how to use it:
>Then be sure to read our update on mover and shaker Philip
>Zimmerman, the guy who invented PGP:

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