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Re: FCC's Hundt calls for univ service for Net, nixes iphone regs

On Fri, 20 Sep 1996, Tim May wrote:

>The Constitutional issues of free speech would remain mostly unchanged even
>if "universal access" happens, but the government would definitely get more
>of a foot in the door than it has now.

I really hope that this is the case, and that some restraint would be
exercised. But when the FCC has historically concerned itself with channels
of communication, the 1st Am has typically been tossed out of the window.
Recall the "seven dirty words" brouhaha.  

Perhaps they've lightened up.  I can imagine Herr Hundt and his FCC fellows
looking on fondly and indulgently as cute-as-a-button sitcom kids inform
their network TV show parents more frequently than we've heard "fuckhead" on
this list that they "suck."

I seem to recall somewhere in the dim dark past that the expression "you
suck" would have been subsumed under the "fighting words" statutes,
implying, as it does, that the object of the utterer's scorn was either
homosexual or a woman who casually performed fellation.

If the FCC approves of "you suck" on network television, perhaps there is
yet hope that the perverse topics daily discussed on c-punks would, at least
temporarily, be allowed.

Dave Rose
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