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Re: Snake-Oil FAQ

At 8:00 AM -0700 9/18/96, Mark Rogaski wrote:
>An entity claiming to be Krenn wrote:
>: It would be nice to have a list of actual products which are deemed
>: potential snake-oil. Such a list could be maintained anonymously
>: through a nym to avoid all the annoying legal problems with commenting
>: on another's product. Though truth is the best defense against libel
>: charges, it would be very annoying to be sued or some such by some
>: hairbrained snake-oil peddler.
>I think a blacklist of that sort is inherently bad.  I would much rather
>have the public be able to RECOGNIZE SYMPTOMS of snake oil, rather than
>just be spoon fed a list of good products vs. bad products.  Pardon the
>cliche, but if you give a man a fish ... etc, etc.

I agree in principle, but for the foreseeable future I think the list will
be a "good thing".


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