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USA_exe (Kiddie porn on the Net)

On Sep 21, 1996 16:19:53, 'jim bell <[email protected]>' wrote:   
>Pardon me, but what's wrong with this?    Follow the news more closely,
>you'll hear of a group which is operating in southern Mexico, the "EPR,"
>is killing off government employees, politicians, and police.  True,
>not implementing the mathematical, digital-cash basis behind AP, but they
>to be making good progress against the corruption which is Mexico.    
>Increase their productivity by a factor of 10, and the Mexican government
>be terrified.  Increase it by 100, and the Mexican government would fall
>a few months.  
Jim's makes a good, if gruesome, point here, about the vicious realities of
do-or-die AP, by even our own apple pie government.   
The Washington Post reports at length today on the Defense Department's
disclosure yesterday of heretofore classified trainging manuals used in the
School of the Americas to instruct Latino troops on killing a wide range of
civilians for political purposes.  
To read "Army Instructed Latins On Executions, Torture," about your tax
dollars working the AP angle: