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Chris Adams clever frame ...er, flame

In <[email protected]>, on 09/21/96
   at 07:38 PM, [email protected] (Adamsc) said:

 You are being gently flamed because.

    well, I look at creative writing in a different light:

        a)  sarcasm is always in season
        b)  Dr. Dimitri is always an excellent target
        c)  if I had $10 for each sarcastic eoast in CP over the last
            3 years I could retire in the style of tcmay, rather than
            the restrained mode I am retired.
        d)  is there ever any dicussion on CP which does not flame
        e)  your 'gentle flame' is a great idea.  is it copyrighted
        f)  CP charter was violated so often in last few years that I,

            and several others started a splinter for code only. if
            can't handle the fun, sign off...
        g)  CP's charm is it personalities

last, but least:

        h)  join the humour, or...  well, lighten-up.

   [X] you continued a boring useless stupid thread
    see item a) above

   [x] you repeatedly initiated incoherent, flaky, and mindless threads
    et tu. brute?

   [x] you posted a piece riddled with profanities
    I beg to differ with you!  since when is allusion or illusion

   [x] you posted some sort of crap that doesn't belong in this group]
    see a) above, *again*

   [x] you made a bigoted statement(s)
    hmmm, not on this one.  besides, since when have we advocated PC

   [x] you repeatedly assumed unwarranted moral or intellectual superiority
    I stand far back in the line for honours on that one --maybe in

   [x] you are under the misapprehension that this group is your preserve
    yes! absolutely!  but, I share it with 1000+ others

   [x] you repeatedly shown lack of humor
    one man's "plum" is another man's "prune"

   [x] you are apparently under compulsion to post to every threat
    wrong! I trash 75% before opening!

   [?] you are posting an anonymous attack
    check the spook records listed under "Ace of Swords"

  >>> Thank you for the time you have taken to read this.  Live n' Learn.<<<
    your pleasure is my pleasure.

  "He said, `You are as constant as a northern star,' and I said,
    `Constantly in the darkness ?  Where's that at ?'"
            --Joni Mitchell