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Re: timmy waxes a widdle on AP

At 03:05 AM 9/22/96 EDT, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
>I was reading the other day about the lessons learned from the one-time
>tax refund in 1975. Most consumers realized that this is a one-time deal
>and saved most of it, rather than spent it. On the other hand, after Reagan's
>tax cuts the consumers spent much of their newly retained income because they
>believed that the lower tax rate would continue for a few years.
>Likewise once an occasional gubment official in Mexico is assassinated
>often enough for the population to perceive public service as being a
>hazardous profession, they'll have trouble recruiting the replacements.
>Assassinations won't work as long as they're perceived by the public as
>zero-probability events. The public perception depends on other factors
>besides the numbers or the frequency of the hits.

That's generally correct.  The "they'll just hire replacements" argument is 
given by people who don't understand that under full operation of AP, THINGS 
WILL CHANGE!    And once things start changing, they will change very rapidly.

Jim Bell
[email protected]