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Jena Remailer

 [email protected] wrote to All:

 >> Also, is there any other remailer (now that anon.penet.fi is down)
 >> that allows one to have an anonymous address to receive
 >> email?

 l> [email protected] But it's is bit tricky.

The trickiest thing about it - by far - is the inscrutable English
translation of the helpfile.  I have been trying for over a week to make
any sense of how to use the remailer.  Granted, it works differently
than the other pseudonymous remailers, but the helpfile is simply
impenatrable.  Like many translations, it is grammatical but makes no
sense in spots.

>From what I can make out, this is probably a very useful and innovative
remailer that I should very much like to use.

Can any native English speaker please paraphrase the account start-up
procedure for us?

Is [email protected] a standard T-1/T-2 remailer?  Who has
the key?  Fingering this account doesn't work from West Coast USA.

Thanks for any help...