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Re: Going AP Shit on the Internet

At 01:06 AM 9/22/96 -0700, Dale Thorn wrote:
>If you live 
>in the U.S., that govt. is your agent, carrying out your 
>representatives' instructions, and paid with your tax dollars.  Unless 
>and until this becomes a literal dictatorship (and there is a valid 
>argument that it applies even then), you are responsible for whatever 
>your paid agents do, from the street cop to the top politico.

>whether you, I, or Joe Blow is more guilty, for lack of participation or 
>some other citizen crime, but you can't put all the blame on your hired 
>agents for their crimes, when you know very well what kinds of things 
>they do, and you continue to fund them.  You have to be considered an 
>accessory, at least.

I hereby dismiss all employees of the federal, state, or local governments
who may be working as my employees or agents and specifically disclaim all
actions they take on my part.

Note, BTW that your argument is the same as saying "If one pays taxes, one
is subject to Nurenberg liability for government crimes."  Which is
therefore an argument in favor of tax evasion.