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Re: Going AP Shit on the Internet

On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, Dale Thorn wrote:

> in the U.S., that govt. is your agent, carrying out your 
> representatives' instructions, and paid with your tax dollars.  Unless 

	Er, the US is a winner takes all election, in which the candidate
	with the most votes,may still haveless than 50% of the viotes
	cast ---which is usually the case.

> and until this becomes a literal dictatorship (and there is a valid 

	De Jure, the US is a military dicatorship.  << That the
	enabling legislation is hardly in forceis another matter,
	entirely.  >>

> argument that it applies even then), you are responsible for whatever 
> your paid agents do, from the street cop to the top politico.

	That being the case, then AP is the only way to effectively
	vote against them.   Which probably would be a _very good_ 
	thing.   None of those paid agents have any legitimate functions.


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