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Re: Macintosh Mixmaster port... Who's doing it?

| "Myers W. Carpenter" <[email protected]> wrote:
| >         Does anyone have any idea who might be attempting a Macintosh
| > Mixmaster port?  I and some other people were eyeing the idea.  If you
| > know who might be doing this port I would appreciate hearing from them.
| >         Thanks.
| >                         myers
| You can run mixmaster on a mac, see http://mklinux.apple.com/

No, you can run UNIX on Mac hardware, and then run Mixmaster on UNIX.
You can also get AUX and MachTen to run Linux on your Mac hardware.
Both are production systems, unlike the DR1 release of MkLinux.

MachTen  (www.tenon.com) has the clear advantage for most people of
being able to run Mac & Unix apps at the same time.

	However, there is a real need for things like Mixmaster/DOS,
the WinSock remailer, and other tools that allow the average home user
to set up a remailer without taking the several days or more to
install a new OS on their system.

	A real Mac port of Mixmaster, that integrated with Claris
EMailer and Eudora would be a huge boon to the millions of Mac users
out there.  I have no doubt that Vinnie's mac crypto conference talked
a lot about this sort of thing.

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