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Re: Please do not post off-topic flames to the list.

Unfortunately, you've probably all received something that started out like
>> You are being gently flamed because.

Sorry about that.  I've been gone for the last few days and found out that one
of my incoming mail filters was somewhat flawed.  Instead of sending that
generic response only to the esteemed Dr. Vulis it was sending it to any
message with his address *in the header*.  It also replied to any cc:ed
addresses. Ooops...  

Also, there is no need to speculate about any ulterior motives.  It was
entirely a setup glitch.  There's an important reminder here:  don't make setup
changes at 2 am and then disappear for 4 days!

Again, sorry to the list about this.

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"I have never been able to figure out why anyone would want to play games on
a computer in any case when the whole system is a game.  Word processing,
spreadsheets, telecoms -- it's all a game.  And they pay you to play it."
	-- Duncan Frissell