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Re: Snake-Oil FAQ

At 9:44 AM -0700 9/22/96, Dale Thorn wrote:
>The basic outline for any products included (and don't forget, just
>getting included is some sort of endorsement, if you know what I mean)
>could be a feature/bug listing, using common crypto terminology, and
>could be followed by side-by-side argument paragraphs from the author
>and from a reputable review panel.
>The usefulness of the list would probably depend on:
>1. The participation of all those names people like to name-drop on this
>   forum.
>2. And/or the quality of the list itself if done without (1.) above.
>   In this latter case, it could still be useful, but the variances in
>   evaluation owing to personal bias would be difficult to overcome.

I like your suggestion for layout, and agree with your comments.
It is my hope that "name" people will contact me. Once the site is ready, I
be sending out invitations to those who have not already contacted me. I am
looking for a group of 10 or less people. Any other suggestions, comments?


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