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Re: Macintosh Mixmaster port... Who's doing it?

Greg Broiles wrote:

| At 03:16 PM 9/22/96 -0500, Adam Shostack wrote:
| >	A real Mac port of Mixmaster, that integrated with Claris
| >EMailer and Eudora would be a huge boon to the millions of Mac users
| >out there.  I have no doubt that Vinnie's mac crypto conference talked
| >a lot about this sort of thing.
| Actually, the Mac crypto conference didn't spend any time at all on
| Mixmaster - which is not intended as a criticism of either the conference
| or of Mixmaster, but it just didn't happen. 

	(By this sort of thing, I was refering more to the privacy
apps 'integrated with Claris EMailer and Eudora,' which you go on to
discuss.  I think that a remailer client needs to be integrated with
the usual mail tools, not seperate.)

| I gave a very short talk and said that I thought the Mac needed three apps,
| for people who wanted to jump in a write something useful to the cause of
| privacy on the net and didn't want to reinvent any wheels: a remailer
| client with a good user interface, a Mac-native remailer, and an
| implementation of DC-nets. Mixmaster would, of course, address two of those
| three. Lucky tells me that there is already a Mac implementation of
| DC-nets, but it doesn't seem to be very well known.

	I don't know of any DC net implementation, and would be really
eager to hear Lucky expound on this.

| For what it's worth, I think future remailer/Mixmaster development might do
| well in Java. I'm not especially sold on or trusting of the alleged
| security or trustability features of Java (sorry, no offense) but I *do*
| think it's a neat tool for building non-machine specific network aware
| applications. Ignore the fact that people use it to build silly animations
| or that downloadaded applets may or may not be secure - it's still useful
| as a development tool.

	I agree, especially if we write a protocol that allows a user
to connect to a mixmaster, get a pool of messages, and remail them on
to their destanation, along with a message of his own.  (This is a
half baked idea; there are obvious denial of service issues, as well
as reliability issues in the well intentioned cases.)


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