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Re: The Near-Necessity of Health Insurance

Mr. May said:

> However, I am thinking about getting some. Not so much because I'm getting
> older, but because I fear a new phenomenon: hospital emergency rooms
> refusing admittance of patients unless they can present the proper
> patient-unit ID card (showing one is enrolled in Blue Shield, Blue Cross,
> Kaiser, or whatever).
> Anyway, I'm thinking of finally bowing to the inevitable and starting to
> fork out $200-300 a month for health care I am unlikely to routinely use.

     There is a "class" of insurance (and I am sure that someone will cornect
me if I am wrong) whose name I forgot, but it is more or less "Calamity" or
"serious accident" insurance. It doesn't cover things like sore throats, 
physicals (something you might want to look into, they can catch things before
they get serious, and you are getting along in years), simple stitches &etc,
but does cover things like getting nailed by a drunk driver, as presumably
accidental shootings by black clad ninjas. 

     Consult your local fraudmeister for more information. 

Petro, Christopher C.
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